About Us




Welcome to the world of Stareye Botanicals®—a delightful escape from the ordinary! We're not just making awesome botanicals tea-based products; we're a group of family & friends crafting a feel-good future, one sip at a time, one product at a time. Our botanical blends are more than just leaves, petals, roots and spices; they're moments of serenity, bursts of flavor, and wonderment. Rooted in nature, our teas are the perfect blend of uplifting aromas and revitalizing taste, for that delightful ahhhh moment of your day—whether it be a jump-start to your morning or evening chill vibes to unwind at night. 

With a dash of wit, a sprinkle of professionalism and a bunch of passion, we're here to redefine your tea experience. Our mission? To infuse your life with positivity, one cup at a time. So why settle for an average brew when you can have a taste of your bright and flavorful feel-good future? Join us in this tea revolution and let’s sip our way to center.  Here's to your feel-good future – steeped in joy, brewed with love!

Eco Friendly

At Stareye Botanicals®, our commitment goes beyond just crafting exceptional products; we believe in making a positive impact for people and the planet—start to finish! From meticulously sourcing the finest, organic botanicals, ensuring each cup delivers a moment of pure indulgence and a sense of harmony….all the way down to our packaging. Our custom packaging is a testament to our dedication to the environment. Our labels? They're made from crushed stone or hemp, keeping it natural and chic. And as for our product boxes? They're crafted from 100% recyclable materials, along with soy ink ensuring our commitment to eco-friendliness is rock solid. From farm to label and box, every step is taken with precision, ensuring a delightful experience for both you and Mother Earth!

Our Story 

Here at Stareye Botanicals, empowerment meets natural, plant-based self-care in the most delightful way! Our journey began when our founding sister team, Karmel & Devorah, sought relief from chronic pain and inflammation caused by Lyme disease. They discovered that botanicals offered so much relief and comfort during their very personal journeys of healing. These sisters took their love of botanicals and tea, and decided to create their own herbal blends right in their home kitchens. Teaming up with a friend Jeano, they birthed Stareye Botanicals to extend the gift of personal botanical discovery to others through delicious, functional and enjoyable tea blends




  • Stareye Botanicals® products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration