Immersible Bundle Box

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Immersible Bundle Box

This is the perfect self-care bath box. When you want to carve out relaxation time, what better way than a hemp-infused bath. Kick-back and relax into blissful waters relaxing your muscles and joints with Stareye Botanicals' bath bombs. Formulated to revive skin and spirit with natural herbal ingredients supporting rituals of inner peace, and tranquility. Each Bath Bomb contains 100mg CBD.

Order this box containing 4 bath bombs and save!   

What a perfect gift, for yourself, for your lover, for your mom, or for your best friend! Seriously, bliss in a box—awesome sauce!

Every Immersible Box Includes:

  • 4 Hemp-CBD Bath Bombs- 5oz each, 100mg full spectrum CBD each. 

Recieve 4 Serena Bath Bombs, sent—Tuberose & sweet orange essential oil.  

Side Note: Tuberose naturally blooms at night and its fragrance is mesmerizing. Historically, it’s essential oils and fragrance have been studied to provide body and mind relief from tension, stress, depression, and cramps. Tuberose also is sought after as an aphrodisiac in herbal medicine. Sweet orange oil is known to lift your mood and reduce stress.*